Jul 2011

Summer School: Show Platter!

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For the first time in who knows how many years, I am in summer school. It has been a bit of change in comparison to the other quarters, but I’m finally starting to get the flow and am excited to see how the remainder of our five weeks turn out.

The big focus this quarter is our show platter. Think sassified terrines & pates ran through aspic, composed salads, all on mirrors. While we aren’t using mirrors this go around, we have been encouraged to push ourselves and think outside of the boxes we put ourselves in. I wonder if it’s possible to make these things light up?

Charcuterie is something I’ve little experience in but find completely fascinating. My friend Mel Nyfeller at Dinette first introduced me to the art of sausage making a few years back and has had me ever since.

I’m working out the details at the moment as to what will make up the final show piece. Pictures and menu to come.


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