Jan 2012

A New Year, (a-knew-ear).

A New Year, (a-knew-ear).

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Well, hello. Long time no see. Since I last wrote much has changed. I started and finished summer and fall quarters of school, graduated from culinary school and have had the opportunity to experience that strange post graduation “what am I doing??!?” thing. All in all, exciting and productive!

There is some fun news now that the new year has begun. As of mid February, I will be heading up the latest venture from the guys at Solo. Running the kitchen that’s to say. Basically, for graduation, I’m getting a newly renovated kitchen smack dab in the middle of Capitol Hill.

Cue nerves and slow motion falling backwards off my chair.

The plan, post school, was to continue working at Solo, but to also stage around town. For those that don’t know that’s working in a kitchen for free to pick up some new skills, test out the space, work with different peeps, etc. My experience at Solo has been wonderful, but it provides a different type of, what I would consider, a “regular” service might look like. At Solo, it’s the theater/show/Key Arena rush that usually lasts an hour and then we’re done. (And what an intense hour it can be!) I have loved every second of it however. There is something about that small kitchen, and small kitchens in general, that melt my heart. I always think about the possibilities of the place. Good food is good food wether is comes from the most amazingly decked out space, or a four burner electric stove.

Well, no time for that now.

In a few short weeks, St. John’s will be opening it’s doors to friends, strangers, long time neighbors, former Rosebud fans…you get the point. My job…to make delicious food that will show we’re not just a bar. To make food that I would love to eat when I go out. That’s a scary thing. There are so many great places to eat in Seattle, many within feet of my kitchen. So many great ideas, things I’ve never even thought of, so many things I have yet to eat! I’ve awoke nearly every night for the last couple of weeks running menus and ideas and why-is-my-heat-racing-sooooooo-fast and the fear that someone may see me huddled in the corner with my head between my legs or…that something I create becomes someone’s favorite.

St. John’s is going to be an incredible growing experience for me. It will force me to step up and challenge myself in ways I never have before. To stay committed to buying as much local product that I can. Learning to let the food guide me, to let the seasons dictate what we create, and to get to know that kitchen inside and out. To trust more, follow my heart more, and let confidence keep me grounded and focused. To utilize every bit that we can from everything we received…less waste! To really understand the flow of this kitchen, to learn the most efficient way to pick things up, to juggle what could potentially be a large number of tickets at a time, to remember to breath.

I’m sure there will be disasters, hell, I’m certain of it. But from those I will continue to learn, and from those I will be even more grateful for the successes. I want to prove that I can do this.

I raise my mouse here to the next year. Thank you thus far for all of the support. So many people I’ve worked with have expressed a quick “wow…that’s a big job!” followed with “I’m here to answer anything and help where I can.” It’s great to know that I have so many great people in my life.

I cannot wait to get in that kitchen and cook for you.

May it be the start of something incredible.


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