Oct 2013

NYC- Day 1 & 1/2

NYC- Day 1 & 1/2

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Got in around 9pm on Wednesday to JFK and due to AirTran outage had to cab it into my pal Aaron’s place in Williamsburg. It seems unseasonable warm and really muggy with temps around the 80′s. That crisp weather I love so much better make it’s way back soon.

Aaron took me to this really cool place next to his apartment called Bia Bar. It’s a really comfortable spot, lots of vintage-y decor with a sweet roof top gathering which seemed kind of funny considering it’s a hip watering hole…just seemed very unexpected. That said, I had a delicious vermicelli bowl that had vegetarian spring rolls, tons of herbs, and a really tasty sauce.

After three glasses of wine and some interesting concoction the bartender came up with, I was beat. I must be losing my ability to travel and not get completely exhausted cause I slept a TON yesterday. I’ll just chalk that up to my vacation day.

Had a delicious late lunch of a kale caesar at Isa, and then a chicken, jerusalem artichoke, and kale dinner at Aurora. All of that wiped me out and so I returned to Aaron’s place to watch “Inglourious Basterds” with some pals of his. Great movie aside for some of the gore…I’m a bit the wuss with those sorts of things.

Goodnight NY!

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