Oct 2013

Day 4: Sunday

Day 4: Sunday

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Day 4: Sunday

Sunday ended up being really overcast, and FINALLY cooler in temperature. Met up with the lovely and fantastic Katherine Randazzo, no relation. We met last year, have a ton in common (ie same culinary school, her husband is also a Joe Randazzo, etc), and love to chat about food. Kat has spent a lot of time in NY working in various kitchens and now at the Brooklyn Kitchen teaching classes.

She’s also been a huge help in connecting me with various chefs and kitchens during my trip. We had brunch at Isa and then wandered over to the flea market. I found some great wooden boards for charcuterie/cheese plates at the restaurant. Headed over to a new spot called Grand Ferry to have a glass of wine with her friend Jen who’s visiting from Milwaukee. If you follow the link to her Instagram you’ll see she’s a very artistic and colorful person. Chatting with them felt like we’d been friends forever!

Next was a really cute little bar called Night of Joy. The cocktails were delicious and the space fantastic, very french in taste and feel. We all parted ways and I stopped by Cafe Colette for supper. Cast iron mussels and kale caesar…kale is EVERYWHERE! I really love this spot and will probably stop by again before I leave.

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