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Brunch at Littleneck

Brunch at Littleneck

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Usually when I have some down time I like to get sucked into the worm hole that is the internet. Typically I’ll check in on my favorite restaurants, and then the journey begins. On one of those particular journeys I’d come across Littleneck in Brooklyn. The charm was noticed quickly with hand-drawn and artistically pieced together menus. A rotating selection of seafood items including their namesake, and oysters really interested me.

I made the trek through Clinton Hill down to who-ever-knows where I was yesterday in search of breakfast and of course, a mimosa. The trip on foot ended up being about 45 minutes after all was said, and the tiny incorrect Google Maps detour that literally sent me in a circle. Oh well, I found a store where I was able to get underwear and socks since laundry needs to be done…I digress.

Littleneck_Willie03 Littleneck_Willie02 Littleneck_Willie01 Littleneck_SmokedTrout01

Found the restaurant and was greeted by a very handsome Australian fellow. The place wasn’t too busy yet but would be hopping around 2;30. First up was the excellent menu featuring Willie Nelson, front and inside. Love! Everything sounded really good, but I went with the smoked trout omelet that comes with a pea vine salad. The eggs were just runny enough like I like them and really moist, the trout salty and delicious, the salad great for cutting the richness and for some crunch. I hung around for a bit reading my book and then made the way back to meet up with Kim and Laura.

The Gowanus area is full of brownstones and gorgeous buildings. I came across a canal that was really disgusting water wise but beautiful in overall display. Walked through the neighborhood a bit to find tons of restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, etc etc. A cool little area that I’d love to visit again.

Gowanus_Canal03 Gowanus_flowers Gowanus_Canal02 Gowanus_Canal01 Gowanus_grafitti Gowanus_shadow

And the light was really beautiful yesterday. Waking up every day to that bright blue, crispness never gets old.

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