Mar 2011

Well, Hello There Blog…

Well, Hello There Blog…

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…I have been meaning to meet up with you for about a hundred years it seems. And now, here you are. I’m Joe (curtsey).

A lot is going on these days. I’ve gone from motion graphics designer to culinary school student. I just couldn’t deny how passionate I’ve become about food and the world that surrounds it. With starting my own little baking venture and the growing number of cookbooks in my small one bedroom apartment (more than one piece of furniture has been forced to the curb), I realized it was time to take the leap.
I feel newly inspired, and I am going with it.

I’m excited to fill you in about school, and all the new stuff I’m learning, cooking and reading. Maybe we can travel to some far off places together? And dinner dates, you bet! I’ll try to keep up with the photos too, cause if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy seeing just how lovely that lime accoutrement was on my very refreshing cocktail. Yes, there most certainly is a stool with your name on it.

Let’s definitely keep in touch. I just know we’ll be the best of friends.

Looking forward to “homeroom” with you this year,

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